Getting An HID Authentication System For Your Company

Your company’s security matters a lot, obviously. So why settle for a cheap security plan when you can have an advanced military grade security system for an affordable price? Today’s technology has presented you with a lot of options that can dramatically improve the security of your company. From simple fingerprint recognition systems to iris recognition systems, this topic varies while touching a lot of sensitive areas. One of the most common authentication systems available today is the HID system and this is really something that you should try out if you worry about your company’s safety. Following guide will tell you some of the must-know information about those systems.

What are they?
Bluntly put, these are the easiest ways
of identifying people in your company. Instead of providing a mundane identification card with employee’s photo attached to it, you can provide them with these advanced identification cards. These cards, most of the time, contains a microchip that can contain a lot of information about a person, including his or her name, age, designation etc. and you can easily use these information to restrict or allow access to your company facilities. These cards are read by lockwood padde strike lock and installation cost of these systems is very low as well.

How do they work?
These authentication cards are compatible with another reader. As mentioned, these cards have data encoded and you have to swipe the card through a reader whenever you enter a facility. Data is then entered to a preprogrammed computer system and this system contains all the information about employees and it is basically a huge database. Entered information is then cross referenced by computer system and if those information matches with the database, it authorizes the person. Also, all these processes are recorded so you can review them anytime you want.

Pros and Cons
First and the most important advantage is that these systems can increase the safety of your facility. Most of these systems involves military grade precision and you don’t have to worry about wrong people accessing your sensitive information after installing these systems. Also, unlike many biometric readers, these systems are relatively cheap.

Management can control all the personnel that enters your facility and also they can restrict or review their activity based on their logs. Major con is that these systems are controlled through computers and we all know they can be exploited. So if you are planning on implementing one of these systems, you have to find a good and reliable company to get your job done. All things considered, it is always a good idea to install an extra secured authentication system in your facility.